Our Solution :

We have selected the finest Mentega Avocados and manufactured into a purée form that can last up to four months if kept in the freezer. The benefits of using our products include:

1. Easy to control avocado stock.

2. Reduce loss due to wastage of rotten avocados.

3. Reduce possibility of turning down a customer’s order due to avocado stock being unripe to make into juice.

4. Our product is easy to use, no additional sweetener required (Additional chocolate fudge can be added for variation).

5. No need to worry about fluctuations in seasonal prices.

6. 100% No Preservatives added.

Common Challenges Faced :

Avocado is a kind of fruit that requires the precise ripeness in order to produce into avocado juice. If it is not ripe enough the flesh is hard and has a bitter taste. If it is too ripe it will go rotten very quickly and will incur loss.

1. Being a kind of seasonal fruit, there might not be enough avocados readily available in the local market during low seasons to satisfy all consumers who order avocado juice at your restaurant.

2. Sometimes, avocados sold at the local market were harvested too early and unripe. Unfortunately, these avocados will never reach the correct ripeness. The flesh will be hard and has a bitter taste when consumed. These avocados can not be sold and will incur a loss.

3. Avocado has many types, some species has a bitter taste, some has many veins which gives a darker color and texture when blend into juice.

4. Avocado is considered relatively expensive during low seasons.

5. Avocado that has reached a correct ripeness will go rotten very quickly if left unused. For example: Your restaurant received an order for 3 glasses of avocado juice. In order to produce 3 glasses of juice the bartender made use of 2 ½ avocado fruit. If there is no order for avocado juice for the rest of the day, the remaining ½ avocado fruit will become rotten and will have to be thrown away.

6. If your avocado stock is kept in the refrigerator for too long it will lose its water content and the flesh becomes dry. The avocado will become unsuitable to make avocado juice.

7. There might be situations that you are forced to turn down a customer’s order due to the avocado stock being unripe and unsuitable for consumption. This might leave a bad impression on the customer.


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